Welcome to Meadow Farm

The garden is beginning to take shape as the days lengthen and warm. We now have enough snap peas, onions, strawberries, lettuce and kales to eat from the garden or take to the kitchen . We have been able to make two donations to the Redwood Coast Senior Center this spring. The shelling peas, cabbages and many other vegetables are growing at a good rate. The hoop house and greenhouse have tomatoes, peppers, basil and cucumbers, okra, onions and onions.

We made a “Salsa Magic Square , a three by three foot raised bed that is full of onion, cilantro, tomato and pepper plants. We created this as a demonstration of how folks with limited time or space can intensively grow some food easily based on Lolo Holbien’s book “One Magic Square”.

We are continuing to attend the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) meetings and preparing our farm to be ready for disasters. Knowing how vulnerable our remote coastal community is when earthquakes, tsunamis or wildfires occur we seek to be ready to take care of our residents, visitors, volunteers and neighbors as much as possible. We have gathered first aid, cots, sanitation supplies and trying to accumulate some warm bedding and clothing. Water storage, well security and purification top the list as priority needs. Food and fuel storage needs are being addressed in various ways. Communication means via HAM radio or satellite phones are being considered. Setting up our second 48′ x 30′ greenhouse could add a space for shelter and storage.

The Orchard has been pruned, fed and mulched this spring. We are excited to see some peaches and walnuts growing this year. A donor has given us currant bushes, fig and kiwis plants. Soon we hope to plant warmer climate favoring citrus and other trees in the large greenhouse (48′ x 30′.)

To house a farming couple or family without a fully functioning home on the property continues to challenge our progress for community expansion. Our half finished community house is in the third year of permitting and we are putting great effort into having at least the existing structure completed for use before winter. We have a significant donation pledged but it is contingent on the sale of a property.

We are grateful to our local and traveling Workaways volunteers for all they do to improve this farm. From weeding to sign making we are seeing that many hands do make light work.

Please contact us if you are interested in some aspect of our work and play at Meadow Farm.