Quinoa Workshop

Quinoa Planting Workshop

A Quinoa Planting Workshop, led by Sydney Grange, was conducted at Meadow Farm Community Land Trust. The workshop consisted of three meetings, planting the seeds, transplanting the quinoa starts into the ground, and a final harvest celebration, which included learning how to thresh and winnow the dried quinoa.

Starting Quinoa From Seed

The first quinoa workshop was held on April 29th, where community members learned about the history of quinoa, why and how to grow it from seed, and the process of caring for seedlings until they are ready for transplanting.

Bed Preparation and Transplanting Quinoa

On May 27th, Meadow Farm hosted the second quinoa workshop. Participants prepared beds for the quinoa starts, paying attention to the ideal soil structure for healthy growth. Next, the quinoa starts were transplanted within close proximity of each other, in order to maximize plant and seed yield without limiting growth!

Harvesting and Processing Quinoa

The final session of the workshop was held on September 17th. Community members learned about the best time of the season to harvest quinoa, the process of harvesting and seed cleaning, and how to prepare quinoa for eating! 

Pictured on the left, healthy growing quinoa with a ladybug friend! On the right, quinoa drying and almost ready for harvest.