Help to Make a House a Home!

 This Little House was generously donated by a local woman. In April, 2022 it was moved the 4 miles to its new location on the farm.  At this time it needs county permitting, foundation, solar, septic and water utilities, An enclosed deck is also needed before occupancy.

Built with love by a man for his young family.  This Little House has pine ceilings, two rooms, a loft, cork floor, natural plaster walls and full rock wool insulation. It is light filled with large dual pane windows.

Donations are needed to make this a home for someone or two… maybe a young farm couple. The current housing shortage and high costs make it hard for farms like ours to bring in younger community members that will help to establish the next generation on the land.

Your donation may be earmarked  for use in completing this project.

We also accept donations of construction help, solar components, building materials and appliances.  

Thank you for your interest!

Donate to Meadow Farm Community Land Trust



Emergency Response & First Aid Station Grant Project

Community Foundation of Mendocino County Grant Purpose

The Fund was created by the Community Foundation so that communities are more prepared and resilient before disaster strikes. The goal of the Fund is to support effective, realistic, and coordinated planning, reduce duplication of efforts, and increase the overall effectiveness of disaster preparedness activities in our communities. These efforts can help minimize the impact of disasters on our community and result in saving more lives and safeguarding livelihoods during any disaster situation, enabling our affected neighbors to return to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible, and for the community to be stronger and more resilient afterward.

From abandoned trailer to a functional office space

This old trailer, near the entrance, sat unused for many years. It had a roof which helped to keep this space dry and ready for a renewal project