2023 Meadow Farm Community Land Trust Board of Directors Prospect Questionnaire & Application Form

We are currently inviting applications for prospective Board of Director members for the Meadow Farm Community Land Trust (AKA MFCLT)

Download the MFCLT Board Member Job Description

Meadow Farm’s Mission:
Our community recognizes the climate change emergency. We strive to ameliorate the suffering and other negative impacts of climate disasters. Our farm community allows for a diversity of people to develop and practice their talents, share their gifts and uses compassionate communication for living together safely and harmoniously.

Meadow Farm provides an opportunity for enriching lives through affordable accommodations, permaculture, organic farming, education and other creative endeavors. We co-create via a dynamic and collaborative decision-making model.

Meadow Farm Goals
To provide and support:
• Affordable homes through the CLT designation
• Local & healthy food security for coastal area residents
• Sheltering for evacuees in crisis/disasters
• Educational opportunities in sustainable living practices
• Climate disruption mitigation ie through carbon sequestration
• Renewable energy practices to reduce fossil fuel dependency
• Resiliency of our coastal community

Please fill out the application in full and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. The Board will review of applications as they arrive. We will reach out to applicants as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest!

If you join the Board, you could expect to provide at least 2-4 hours a month of attendance to Board and Circle meetings. Please consider if you have any potential conflict-of-interest in participating on the Board.

If being a MFCLT Board Member is not an option would you like to be a volunteer to assist our organization in various ways that match your skills and interests?

Thank you!

Contact: Sojourna Lee (707) 813-9234