Farm Market Garden

Latest News: As of September 13th  our farm garden has donated 1300 pounds of fresh, organic produce to the Free Ft Bragg Food Bank. Yay!

This year Meadow Farm sponsored Sydney Grange for a pilot Farm Market Program. She has been a welcome addition to our garden while using her skills as a soil and plant scientist in veganic and biointensive growing. This is a “closed loop” system that uses cover crops to nourish the soil and plants rather than outsourcing for animal by-products and expensive soil amendments. This decreases dependency on fuel for transportation and the introduction of unknown elements found in waste products.

Her vegetables, edible flowers and floral bouquets can already be found in restaurants and markets along the coast. Sydney’s work to promote soil quality, conserve water and fuel resources, while growing healthy plants in small areas fits the goals of Meadow Farm to create coastal food security and resiliency.

We are enjoying the beautiful results of her hard work, knowledge ,experience… and her great smile!!

Sydney will be offering workshops in Cover Cropping, Composting and Seed Saving. Send us a message if you are interested in learning from Sydney.